Voter ID Verification in All The States

Voter ID Verification

In this guide we will be discussing about what you can expect of SEC during the verification process of voter id card. In India a voter id is one of the most imperative documents every citizen must have because it’s a nationality proof that is required in various legal processes and applications. Under supervision and authority of Election Commission of India, voter ID cards applications are processed and based on assessments applicants are issued id cards. Every submitted application is closely verified by the authorities and submitted documents are checked by the ERO (Election Registration Officer).

After years of testing phase, ECI has started taking online applications for voter id card registrations and it has been quite successful as it completely eliminates time wasting steps that are not required. The process is quite simple, the applicant has to create a user account on state election commission website where step by step instructions are provided to register for new electoral id card. However, this is not the entire process because there is some more work on the part of election commission. After online registration you have to submit hard copy of your identity proof documents to the local election registration office and then your registration form will be thoroughly verified by the ECI officials. Upon successful verification voter id card is issued to eligible voters by the highest authorities.


The ECI also conducts an imperative task of distributing photo identity card. This work is primarily assigned by the ECI to State Election Commissioners who setup workshops or registration centers where photographs of the applicants are taken if they have applied through offline procedure. Given below are some responsibilities of SEC delegated by the ECI.

Voter ID Card Verification

Although the verification of voter ID cards application is managed by the ECI, but it also take support from state election commissioners to speed up the process. In case you have opted for online voter ID card registration, you can expect ECI official’s visit at your home for verification. They generally visit within a month from application submission date. That being said, verification process is a lot faster for those who have submitted hard copy of their identity documents.


Normally there are not many issues regarding the verification process, but if they have notified you for some issues, you should visit your regional election registration officer and seek his/her help for the same. Home visits and ground work for verification are done by the booth level officers as per the rules of election commission. Verification start with a booth level officer’s visit to applicant’s house to check the proof of residence and he also check the documents for age, number of family members and applicant’s relation with them.

For those who recently got married and want to change their surname or residence address, they will have to provide the marriage certificate. Students are asked to show declaration application issued by their school or college’s principal if they are willing to change the voter id’s address to their current address of hostel or shared apartment. If you are transferred by the company or government office to a new state and you want to update the current address on your ID card, you have to submit a declaration application signed by the company owner or your superior if it is a government office. The verification for such application doesn’t take too long if there are no errors in the form, and the voter card will be delivered to your new addressed.


The role pf state election commissioners in the process of new registrations and update applications is highly imperative. They prepare the voter list of eligible voters of the state constituencies. Chief Electoral Officers have the responsibility of conducting LokSabha and State Assembly elections. They also look after Gram Panchayat elections. The main responsibility of SEC is to work in collaboration with Election Commission of India for the verification of voter id registrations in different states. Therefore, if you have any problems or issues related to your voter ID card, you must visit your local election commission officer and seek his help to resolve the issue.


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