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voter id card status

Living in a democratic country is the true freedom, and every democracy’s most imperative part is voter’s right to vote to elect a government that they believe can deliver for them. It’s not only the magic card that allows you to cast your vote but it is also used as a valid identity and address proof everywhere in India. Although it is not mandatory to have a voter id card for all the citizens of India in terms of using it as an identity proof or address proof because there are other documents that serves the same purpose, but if you want to vote, then it is mandatory to have yourself in the electrical list and for that you must have a voter id card registered.

The procedure of getting a voter id card begins with registering for it online or offline, but the time it takes to get your voter id delivered is frustrating specially new voters who want it for upcoming elections. Id card issuance takes time and in that situation knowing how to check voter id card status online comes handy for applicants, because status check tells them when they can expect their IDs will be delivered by the election commission.

According to constitution of India and rules of the ECI, every indian citizen who has completed 18 years of age falls in adults category and thus has the right to apply for voter ID card. Applicants can approach the nearest election commission office where they can fill the required form and submit required documents to have the voter ID issued. New applicants will have to fill form 6 along with mandatory identity proofs such as date of birth proof, address proof and photo identity proof. A copy of passport, ration card, pan card, or drivers license would be enough as proof documents. Upon submission of your application, ECI official will provide you an acknowledgement receipt which has the enrollment id number or application number. This number is used to check the status of voter id card online, therefore keep the receipt safe and handy or note down the application number.


Once you have to application number, you can use this to track your application process and see the current status of the voter id. Every time you’ll check the status it will give you in-depth details about when you can expect the id card to be issued. Knowing when it will be delivered at home is highly imperative, because it will be delivered by Indian postal service and for that you must be at home at the time of delivery otherwise the post delivery person will not give to any other family member at home. Voter id status check is undoubtedly a big relief for those who travel a lot and are not at home most of time, therefore when they know the delivery date, they can plan their schedule and be at home to receive their voter id card.

To check the status of your application visit your state election commissioner’s website, there you can find the status check page where you can enter your application ID and form number and click enter. In couple of second it will go through the database and show you the status report of your application. It is undoubtedly the most efficient way of checking your voter id status and all it needs is laptop or smartphone with internet connectivity.


It can be a bit frustrating when you apply for voter id and it doesn’t arrive for long period of time. However, these days online status check is very easy and applicants don’t have worry about it voter id issuance delay. Changing policies and use of technology by the election commission have made it a lot simpler and easier to enable users to check their voter id status online. You have two options to track it, first is by visiting state election commissioner’s website and other one is to check by sending an SMS. New applicants are generally excited and start checking status soon after submission of application and get disappointed when they see no tracking information displayed. You have to give it some time to be process by the election commission. It takes at least 5-6 weeks after applying to start showing status reports for application ID.

Check Status With Mobile Phone

Type ‘Application ID card number’ (which is the number you get with acknowledgement receipt after application submission) and send it to 9433633333.

Similarly you can also visit state election commission website to see status. On the website you will be asked to provide Application ID, Name or House Number and blow that you will have option to select form 6, form 8 or form 8A. After doing that click on “Search” button and you will be presented with your status report.


Some applicants may get negative status report or ‘verification in progress’ status, but don’t worry about that because you are tracking your status way too early. Over a period of time it will progress and update. It may remain the same for couple of months and that is when you have to contact nearest chief electoral officer or booth level officer and see what is the issue with your application. Applicants can also file ‘Right To Information’ to get more in-depth information about why the status of voter id is not updating or if it is in negative.


  1. Application date 01/07/2015
    I am Kripayanand Tiwari. My father name is Prabhaker Tiwari.
    District: Arwal, Bihar
    Pin No: 804401.

    Sir please send the voter id card to my home address.

  2. I know i can check voter id status online, as you have mentioned above, but is there a way i can check status of my voter id card application on mobile phone. Can you provide me troll free number of election commission where i can all and check the status? is that even possible?

  3. I have deleted the message election commission sent on my mobile and i don’t have the acknowledgment number also, how should i check the status of my voter id application now?

  4. I have deleted the message election commission sent on my mobile and i don’t have the acknowledgment number also, how should i check the status of my voter id application now?
    actually i reset my phone thats why i dont have that no…so please guide me …

  5. will u plz deliver my voter card at my register address or send my voter card link at my email address as no any link shown virtually from where I can get my card…

  6. Sir,
    Actually my is Sunilkumar I applied for voter ID 2 week before and I forgot the reference id so I can’t check my status but I need to check so send me reference id

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