Voter ID Card Registration Online: A Step by Step Guide

voter id card registration online

For every indian citizen, having the voter id card is a must have document not only to practice his/her voting right, but it is also an imperative document to be used as an identity proof in various applications such as applying for passport, Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Driving License and several others. Your voter identity card enables you to cast your vote every time there is a state or central government election in India. It is also a valid identity proof document in both government and private organizations for approval and authorization of other documentation in India.

Earlier applying for voter id card was a long process because it involved applicant to manually go through the entire process, however with the introduction of online voter id card registration things have changes and the procedure has become a lot easier and faster as well. According to election commission and constitution of India, the minimum age required to enroll for voter id is 18 years and above.

Advantages of Applying For Voter ID Online

The process of applying for voter ID card is simplified that makes very convenient and time saving for those who are registering for first time. Given below are some points that explains the benefits of online registration and shows why everyone must opt for online registration process instead of offline procedure that takes lot of time.

First of all it completely eradicate the need of standing in long queues at regina election commission offices for your registration and given online registration is much simplified it get rids of several time wasting steps that are unnecessary.

With online registration you are not limited by time period for application, because you can apply anytime from anywhere because all you need is your computer/mobile phone and internet connectivity. Within weeks of time you will get your new voter id card delivered at your door step by post.

The biggest advantage of online application is the fact that it allows you to check your voter id card status. On ECI’s official website you can check the status of your card and you can also subscribe for mobile updates to see all the updates of your voter id application.

Online voter ID card registration is better option because the process takes just about a month and you’ll have your id card issued. Compared to online procedure, doing it offline will take 8-10 months for the application to process and then you will get your id card issued.


Below are step by step instruction on how to go about registering for voter ID card online:

It is extremely easy to apply for it online and with basic computer operating knowledge you will be able to register for your id in not time at all. However, make sure you understand that website for voter id registration are different for every other state in india. Most of these website are designed for easy navigation and are user friendly for even amateur web surfers. Most impressive feature of these website is that they are available in regional language option for that particular state, so if you don’t speak hindi or english you will get your local language option while registering.

Firstly open election commission’s website here: There you will have option to select language hindi and english.


Click on new user registration and signup with your mobile number and email address. Once you are done with new user account signup you can now login to the website and there will be presented with form.

Find the form 6 and fill in all the mandatory details, attach a passport size photo to it and submit. Upon submission you will be redirected to confirmation page, where you can double check your details and submit the form.

If you have filled all the information asked in appropriate manner your form will be accepts and the website will send you a confirmation email on your registered email address.

That’s it! You are now done with the online procedure of applying for voter id card. Now you need to verify your submitted documents and for that you can visit your regional election commission office or provided voters facility center and submit hard copies of your documents. After this, you will just have to wait for 4-5 weeks for your voter id card to be posted at your provided residence address.

At the beginning of ECI’s online voter ID registration campaign only chief electoral officer of the state has the authority for online registrations, but now both ECI and CEO have the responsibility and authority to provide online voter id registration. It is still going through an awareness campaign as millions of indian citizens still do not have access to internet specially in rural areas, but in metro cities large number of youngsters are applying for voter id card online.


  1. I’m from Bhiwandi, Maharashtra and last month applied for voter id on the website of Maharashtra state CEO, but they have still not issued my id, nor have updated the status online. What should i do? Please help me.

    1. It generally takes 1-2 month for issuance of new voter ids, therefore you should wait for another month and if they still don’t issue it, then you should seek help from booth level officer or visit the nearest election commission office.

  2. I’m a student, and currently living a hostel provided by the college. What is the procedure of applying for voter id online for a student who doesn’t have a residence proof?

    1. Hi Neha, Students living in hostel or rented apartment must get a declaration signed by the principal of the college or school that can be attached with the application form. Also, there is a section in the form to declare yourself as a student that you need to fill in. However, most import part is to get a signed letter from your principal.

  3. I’m from Bihar, and looking to enroll myself for the new voter id card so that i can vote in upcoming elections. Can you provide me proper steps to register myself as a voter as soon as possible?

  4. I have been trying really hard to get a new voter id since i lost my previous one. I have no idea, how to go about the process. Can somebody please help me in this? That would be much appreciated.

  5. I’m 20 years old, and i just want to make a new voterid card. How should i approach for this? Can it be done fully online or need to do it at local office?

  6. Here i am neither getting the new registration option nor the officers list. I can see only new register for complaints here page, ofcourse login option is there.

    1. I will request for Odisha government new voter id because my name in rong and my photos change ,
      please sir

  7. When trying to fill form 6 for the fist time applying for voter id card I gets stuck in the last part,because i have to enter my voter id number which is mandatory. Whereas i am applying for a voter id card because i don’t have it !!??

  8. I have filled in the online form no. 6. Name Hariram Sharma S/o Chunni Lal sharma State rajasthan district jaipur. assemble no. vidyadhar-050 booth 218 srno. 977. Please tell when will i get my voter id card?

  9. Do check out the above guide, you will get all of the information on how to apply for voter id card online or offline in India.

  10. How to make new Voter id and Aadhaar card? I live in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. Please tell me where is the election commission office in Aligarh?

  11. My voter ID card is issued in Delhi. But now i have shifted to Jaipur , rajasthan. i want to rectify my changed address and for local Id proof. what to do next.

  12. Dear Sir/mam;
    Hi sir/mam! …I’m vijayalakshmi date of birth is 1990 native place gangavati district; koppal.but I m register the ID proof..nill no.because I have already married…present still I m in banglore.but what proof/ certificate will required the I’d registration?

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