Voter ID Card Importance and Benefits

Voter ID Card ImportanceVoter Id Card’s main purpose is to make a voters eligible to participate in government activities, including general voting. It is also considered as an main identity proof with which one can cast individual votes in the electronic voting machine during Assembly, Lok Sabha and Municipal elections in India. Casting one’s consent in election is one important use of this ID proof. Apart from this, it is considered as one of the authorized identity proof document by the government of India that can be utilized for personal use as well.

A person’s voter ID card is an extremely important identity document in various situations especially if travelling from one place to another (within the territory of the country or outside of it) an ID shows all details about one’s residence. For instance, if one has shifted to other state due to work or other reasons, valid voter id card is required to demonstrate one’s legitimacy as a rehabilitant of the previous place. To have a govt. issues id card, one will have to enroll in electoral of particular constituency.

There is no discrimination in terms of genders, when it comes to issue voter ID card. It is issued to both men and women in every region. However, there is an age eligibility for the same. It is useful for a woman who got married in other state, or travelling alone. In that situation she will require Voter ID card and marriage certificate to avoid any issues. To include her name in new list of voter Id or do prior changes in name or address, she require to fill an application form under the constituency of that region where she has migrated. Therefore moving to a new place is not an issue, if one have already got a voter id card registered.


For travelers also, voter id is an essential identity proof to show at the ticket counters in airports and at railway station as a valid identity proof. It helps government and security agencies to avoid any adverse circumstances. Besides this, those who travel a lot in trains can use voter id as a valid document to get Tatkal Tickets (Emergency Train Tickets) as well. It can also be shown as a proof identity during Hotel accommodation or at places where entry is restricted to people who have valid ID proofs. People who are traveling abroad for the first time can use voter ID to buy airplane tickets if their passports have not arrived as yet which is another major advantage of having a valid voter ID card in India.

Importance of voter id is immense for those who have inadvertently got their names deleted from constituency voter list because with voter id they can get their names re-included in the list and can have the right to vote. Even though there are other valid id proofs granted by the government of India, such as Pan Card, Aadhaar card, Driving License etc, but voter id is used as a strong proof of citizenship of India and is considered as primarily ID card to demonstrate a person’s identification.


Making transaction with your credit card or debit card at local retail stores or online of big amount also require id proofs. In banks as well, to submit or withdraw a certain amount exceeding from Rs 50,000 showing voter id card is mandatory. For opening a new account, buying a house, leasing, renting a house making a purchase deal, buying a new car and even for marriage registration, having valid voter ID card is mandatory for the applicant. So, it can be said that if you have voter ID card in your pocket, you can surely enjoy its various benefits.

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