Rajasthan Voter ID Card Online Status Check & Application

Rajasthan Voter ID Card OnlineSpread in over 342,239 square kilometers area, Rajasthan is India’s largest state in terms of land area it covers. Located at the north western border with Pakistan, it is one of of the best performing states in tourism industry due to its several heritage sites, monuments and ancient forts. Rajasthan legislative assembly has 200 constituencies and 25 parliamentary constituencies. The biggest constituency in the state is Jaisalmer city.

In the current assembly Bhartiya Janata Party has the clear majority with 163 seats and the current chief minister of Rajasthan is Vasundhara Raje serving as CM for the 2nd term. Majority of the voters in the state hails from villages and small districts which is why election commission has to work extra hard to get all the new eligible voters registered for voter ids. However, in recent past internet connectivity has improved by leans and bound in Rajasthan and that has led to creation of state CEO website where online registration for voter id can be done quite easily.


This article is particularly meant for residents of Rajasthan who are in search of proper guide that explains how to register for voter id card online in Rajasthan state. It will also help those who want a duplicate voter id issued. Those looking for a guide on checking status of issued voter id or perhaps looking to search their names in current updated voters list of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan state CEO website can be visited here: ceorajasthan.nic.in there you can get all the information required for registration for new voter ids or if you want information about poling stations or searching your name in current electoral roll.

To register in Rajasthan, please go to central election commission website here: http://eci-citizenservices.nic.in/ where you can opt for registering a new user account with your mobile number and email address. You will be sent your password details on mobile and with that you can go back and login on the website.


After you have logged in to the website, you will be shown a form which is form 6 for new voter registration in Rajasthan. At the top of the form you can select your state as Rajasthan and then select your assembly constituency or district.

After that fill in your details that are mandatory in the form such as name, surname, address, birth place, date of birth and other asked details in the form.

Once you are done with filling your credentials you can now upload your passport size photograph that much be under 1MB of file size and then attach your valid photo and address proof identity documents such as passport, drivers license, pan card etc.


Now move on to the bottom of the form and submit your application. Upon submission you will be given an application reference id number that is used for tracking status of your voter id in Rajasthan. After processing your application, verification process will be started by the state CEO, in which a booth level officer will be sent to you home to verify address and submitted documents. After verification 60 days, you will be delivered your new voter id card by the district level officer of election commission.

Contact Details of Rajasthan CEO:

Phone number : 0141-2227794
Fax : 0141-2227794
E-mail Address : ceojpr-rj@nic.in, dyceo-rj@nic.in


  1. i dont have voter id. and recently i have chabged my name. now i want to get my voter id with my new name and all my documents are in old name. so tell me the procedure to get my voter id my new name. thank you

  2. i don’t have voter id. and recently i have changed my name. now i want to get my voter id with my new name and all my documents are in old name. so tell me the procedure to get my voter id my new name. Can i get a duplicate print online? Thank You!

  3. I have given my documents for correction of my name in voter list, but my name not changed at all. Please tell me when my name will be changed.

  4. मुझे वोटर आईडी कार्ड बनवाना है कृपया मेरा मदद करें की जयपुर राजस्थान में सेंटर कहाँ हैं

  5. I have lost my original voter ID card two years back, I gave all necessary documents for issue a duplicate Voter ID Card to BLO of Vaishali Nagar MR. Brijesh Kataria that time, but still i got no any positive response regarding my voter ID card. He also insists me to open a new RD account in Post Office in return of issue me duplicate Voter ID card,because he is running Agency of Post Office & LIC in his wife name(He also makes same Pressure on other people who contact him to issue their Voter ID Card or add their names in Voter List) I am facing many problems due to not having Voter ID Card.
    Kindly help me to get my Voter ID Card as soon as Possible.

  6. सर, मुझे मेरे भाई का वोटर आई डी कार्ड कही गम हो गया हैं और उसका डुप्लीकेट केसे निकाला जाये
    कृपया सुझाव दे

  7. मुझे वोटर आईडी कार्ड बनवाना है कृपया मेरा मदद करें AJMER ME KAHA BANTA HE

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