How To Find “Part Number of Electoral Roll” and “Serial Number” in Voter ID Card?

Part Number of Electoral RollFor every Indian citizen possessing a valid Voter ID card is quite important. To apply for identity card in India acquiring adequate knowledge about the same is significant. Obtaining information about Part number, District Constituency, Police Station of the district are few important things to consider before applying a new voter ID.

In many cases people do obtain their ID cards but aren’t able to find their serial number which is also known as Part number in Electoral Roll. Knowing Part Number in Electoral Roll is not a big task though, but paying attention to certain things can help applicant find information about Electoral roll serial number.

Part number of Electoral Roll of a person is only applicable for a person living in nearby locality. Anyone who lives outside a particular zone, has different Part Number and it changes with area and locality zone. District constituency and other information is available at the back side of the voter id card.


General information about an individual’s gender, date of birth, address, date, part number and name is written at the back side of the voter card. Assembly constituency No & Name is also available on the ID card. It is important to know that all the information related to Part Number & Name is available on a voter card. If you are not aware of Electoral Roll and want to know Voter ID Card serial number and part number in electoral roll then you can do it by following two methods:

In first method, check it from other person’s ID card. For instance, similar Part number is available in spouse or family member’s voter id card having same address. However, this method is not applicable in case they live outside your residency.
The second way of checking it is visiting National Voter’s services portal online. With name and other details finding online Part number in electoral roll is possible.


Visit National Voters’ Services Portal: Search Name in Electoral Roll by adding personal details. Or you can also type name in Electoral Roll by Epic No. In Electoral Roll list adding Personal Details is quite useful. With basic details like Name, Father’s Name, Age DOB, Gender, State and District/Constituency you can know other details. To match the EPIC details in the system it is important to enter accurate details with right name initials.

To search name in Electoral Roll by EPIC Number there is another method. Only EPIC No and State details are required to get details by using EPIC Number to check all the details in Electoral Roll. It is important to note that ‘EPIC No.’ is mandatory to enter when checking these details. An applicant has only one EPIC Number which is uncommon as there is a unique number assigned to each voter card holder. That is why without entering State Name, exact match of the voter card can be obtained.


Part number and serial number of the voter list is also accessible by checking election officials details under polling stations. To check it, knowing Location details is important. At online portal, there is a section “see your election officials” is available that will direct the applicant to the next page where all the National Voters part no and serial no of electoral roll will be available as per the locality.

To check the Electoral Roll (E-Roll) online find a section “click here for electoral roll” in PDF format. It is a downloadable file of E-roll that serve all the information about the applicant of a specific zone. It is downloadable and can be obtained after entering name initials. It is generally available at the left bottom of the online form.

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