New PVC Plastic Electoral Voter ID Cards

PVC Plastic Electoral Voter ID Cards

If you are a newly registered voter you would not be happy to see how voter id cards that election commission issued in past used to look. They were black and white, lamented and in square vertical rectangular shape, but these days they are replaced with new colorful voter ids that are made with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic material.

They look a lot like a credit or debit cards made with hard plastic that is supposed to last for long time to come. These new electoral photo identity cards also have bar coded security strip embedded that has all the credentials and details of the voter that helps election commission to eliminate duplication, forgery and tampering. On the other side newly designed cards will no longer carry holograms like the previously issued black and white voter id cards.

These new cards will also be linked with voter’s aadhaar card number which is a campaign by election commission to purify electoral roll from duplicate voter ids. New voter id cards are currently issued to Bihar state’s voters as it is going to have election this year and by next Assembly and Lok Sabha elections, all the voters in the country will have new voter id cards replaced with their old ones. The project is started by the ECI as a summary revision of electoral rolls. The project will be assisted by Keltron company who has the responsibility for bulk printing the cards. At the start of the campaign for new PVC made voter id cards there will be 3000 new voters in Bihar who will be getting new id cards.


Exciting voter id card holders will have to wait till the end of February to get new ids replaced with old ones. For those who do not have registered voter ids can apply online or with help of booth level officers and they will be issued new ids. It is still not clear that whether new voter id holders will be able house it as an identity proof or it will be for voting purpose only. Currently in India, voter id is used as a photo identity and address proof anywhere in India.


  1. Is it correct that the pvc voter id card is coming in West bengal. Or one think pvc voter id card for west bengal it’s tender taken by chronic is it yes or no? Is urgent to know.

    1. The instructions provided above to download the voter id card is confusing. Can you simplify them a bit so that average user can do it with ease? Thanks!

    1. i think their is no such facilities made by the epic portal to update or download or corrections could be made in our epic

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