Lost Voter ID Card? Here’s What You Can Do

lost voter id card guideIt can be an extremely dreadful situation for anyone if they lose their identity proof document like voter id card, pan card, passport, etc. Our readers email us all the time asking questions like “I have lost my voter id, and i don’t have it photo copy either, what should i do?” Well, first of all you don’t have to panic in such a situation and have patience to find the right solution. To begin with, firstly go to you local police station and lodge an FIR for lost voter id card. If you don’t have the photo copy they may or may not lodge your FIR, but generally if you have at the voter id card number, then police will file an FIR based on that number. If you don’t have the number as well, then you can visit the state election commission’s website and search for your number based on your district and constituency filter proved on the website.

Having said there is also a possibility of local political party office having photo copy of their constituency voters. Since you are their voter, they will be happy to provide you a print copy of your voter id that you can use to find the id number to register an FIR. You can also take help of the party workers to get more detailed information.


After you have successfully lodged FIR at the police station, take a photo copy of it and visit your nearest election commission office of your district or city and fill the appropriate form for issuance of duplicate voter id card. You can also download the form online. ECI official will provide you acknowledgement receipt with data and value for taking your voter id card photograph. You will be charged duplicate id card issuance fee at the time of submitting your documents.


This is the standard procedure of obtaining a new/duplicate voter id card if you have lost or misplaced it. For more information please comment below or else directly contact your district booth level officer because he/she will be better equipped with all information you may be looking for. Additionally click here to visit our in-depth instructions on duplicate voter id cards page.


  1. Have you ever had to replace an ID card? What steps did you have to follow, and how did you handle having no proof of identification in the meantime?

  2. Lost My Voter I Card missing in the bus root no. 623 Today 25.10.2016 while I traveled by bus to Azad Nagar. I have lost my wallet in the bus with voter I Card Number being
    voter I card No. DL/04/039/279312 Name Ram Gopal

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