How To Track Voter ID Card Status Online Easily?

how to check voter id card statusWith help of information technology enhancement in government institutes of India, it has made a lot easier for the citizens to track their applications and same applies to voter id card status tracking. Election commission has created state electoral chief commissioner websites in every state where applicants can track their voter id status in just a few seconds. It is fast, effective and undoubtedly an accurate way of tracking when your voter id card will be issued and delivered.

On our website we oftentimes get emails from our readers about how to check voter id card status for their applications, and to make it easier for new applicants we have created this guide that will assist you in tracking. With help of central government the ECI has provided separate websites for each state where anyone can check their id status by entering name and application id number.

Regardless of which state you are from, the process of registering for voter id cards has gone completely online and you can even do verification and status tracking online. It has become a lot more simplified and easier, but just a few years ago people used to have difficult time in registering for voter ids with traditional method of manually submitting all the documents at their nearest election commission office.


State election commission websites are designed with user friendly navigation which makes it easier to find status checking page. So, if you have recently applied for new id, you can start tracking its status after 4-5 weeks of application submission online. We have provided state websites of ECI where you can visit and check the status of your application. Make sure you follow the procedure step by step to make it work properly.

Voter ID status tracking steps

  • Visit your state election commission website (links for each state are provided below).
  • On the home page of the website there will be a link to page called “Know Your Application Status” or “Track Status”. Click on that and go to the new opened page.
  • On this newly opened page you will be provided fields in which you can enter application ID, and form no. to track the status.


Some state websites also provide option to track status with AC and District level filtering, so you can use that option as well, if you have lost your application id number.

State Electoral Commoners Websites For Status Tracking:


All these websites are state election commission operated portals, some of them may be slow to load, and if it doesn’t load hit the refresh button. You can follow the aforementioned procedure to track your voter id status and if you run into issues, please comment below to seek help from other readers.


  1. Few days ago, I’ve filled an online voter id registration form but, till date I’ve not received any confirmation mail regarding it.

  2. Few days ago I’ve filled a voter id information correction form but till date I’ve not received any confirmation mail regarding it, what should i do now?

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