How To Apply For Duplicate Voter ID Card?

apply for duplicate voter idHave you ever thought about losing your voter id card? Would be a tricky situation isn’t it? Well, a voter id card is meant to be your ticket to cast your precious vote that contributes in formation of your state or center government. People sometimes lose their wallets to pickpockets or may drop it accidentally or unknowingly and that lead to loss of voter id card along with other important documents and ID cards. So, what would you do if you lose your voter id? Simple, apply for a duplicate one. Now, how do you apply for duplicate id? Let’s follow the procedure required to have one issued.

Follow the steps provided below to enroll yourself for issuance of duplicate voter id card:

As soon as you come to know that you have lost your voter id, go to your area’s police station, explain them how you lost it and get the FIR lodged They will provide you a copy of the FIR, keep it safe with you because you will need it at the time of submitting your duplicate id issuance form. Visit nearest election commission branch and get the 002 form, or else download it online from your state’s election commission website.


Go through the form and fill up all the mandatory details and sign it. Now attach a copy of the FIR along with all the identity proof asked in the form for date of birth, address and photo identity. You can attach copy of passport, drivers license, pan card or ration card.

Finally put all the documents and form in an envelope and submit it the your district or city’s chief election commission office. Please visit our state CEO websites links page to find out your state’s website.

After successfully submitting you application, ECI official will give you a receipt with application id number. You can use this reference number to track status of your duplicate voter id online to see when it is going to be issued and delivered.


In some cases the election commission may not issue a duplicate voter id card, due to lack of identity proof of document or if the attached FIR copy have some issued. Sometimes NRIs also apply for voter ids and get their applications rejected, simply because they are not entitles to have voter id card issued. However, government employees who are working in a foreign country may apply for voter id on behalf of the government.

For more detailed and comprehensive information on how a voter can apply for duplicate id card, please contact the Chief Electoral Officer of the city.


  1. i want to make my new voter card, because my old voter card have several mistakes, so how can i achieve that?

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