Check Uttar Pradesh Voter List Online

To download Uttar Pradesh voter Id list e-portal of UP website is very resourceful and can be accessed easily. Every year Government of UP organises elections amongst various parties who have registered for participating in elections with an aim of future growth and providing better facilities to people living in various regions and territories of UP. Election in Uttar Pradesh is one of the significant activity that decides inflation, governance and development in UP regions.

From inflation to city’s goals everything is decided by the performance of elected party. In this content, Uttar Pradesh is one such most talked about state in India. It is a democratic territory, where people choose certain party based on their previous performance and decide democracy role and government, a reason why enrolling for Voter ID in Uttar Pradesh is very important.


How to Download Voter List of UP

UP voter Id is considered as photo identity card valid for personal identification and documentation. With ID and EPIC or Electors photo Identity Card not only one obtains ‘right to vote’ but also gets secure future as a citizen of the state.

Election commission department of a region can be accessed through various sources. Either by Telephone or through internet. One can reach the department through email or written application as well. However, visiting E-portal or Website of Election Commission is the fastest mode available to get all the necessary information.


The process of Election is prepared and executed under strict guidelines. One such guidelines is to check data of voter id registration in UP. Generally this data is available on the website of UP election commission that can be downloaded on user’s desktop.

To check Voter ID online through EPIC number visit the website, go to home page and search ‘download voter id’. New window will open where you can search election card with Electoral Number and can download or save it as per your requirement.


To check entire list of Voter ID in UP Uttar Pradesh, again you will have to find the link on the home page of Election Commission Website. The file is available in PDF format, you can search area wise listing as well.

Electroll Roll List is helpful to check voter id status of various family members. Applicants are allowed to check availability of name in the voter list before elections only few weeks before.

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