Apply for Duplicate Voter ID in Uttar Pradesh

Apply for Duplicate voter id card in Uttar PradeshTo apply for a duplicate voter card in UP urgently then accessing online portal of any city’s E-portal of India where you are living at the moment is advisable. The Election Commission of Uttar Pradesh in collaboration with NVSP, took an important initiative to conduct voter card application procedures online.

Earlier only through offline mode, applicants were able to apply for new, duplicate voter card or apply for name/ address change. But nowadays, online availability of National Voter Services has greatly impacted welfare of the common masses. For Uttar Pradesh elections that held once in every five years, proper enrollment of the citizen is mandatory.


It requires strenuous preparation to conduct elections with over 403 assembly constituencies and 80 Lok Sabha constituencies, to choose members of State Assembly and also Lok Sabha in UP. Keeping this concern in mind and to reach wider range of Uttar Pradesh citizen, National Voter’s Services Portal is majorly focusing on E-voter id card services. To get your duplicate voter id card all you need to do is to have access to internet and fill a form and submit with supporting documents. Given below are more elaborative steps to apply for duplicate voter id card in UP.

How to Apply for Duplicate Voter Card in UP?

New or duplicate voter card is issued if the applicant’s id card is stolen, destroyed, lost or torn. If it is stolen then writing a lost voter card application for police station is mandatory. It has to be submitted at the local police station and a copy must be self-attested with other supporting documents with new application. FIR for lost voter id must be stamped with police station and must have voter id card number, name, date and place, where it was lost.


Form 001 for duplicate voter card is applicable along with FIR. Without it no application will be processed. Applicant must fill all the required fields carefully to get accurate name and address initials printed on new voter card issued by Election Commission.

Supporting documents required with application form are age proof, address proof and identity proof. For offline submission, one can also visit nearby election commission office. After verification and submission of form duplicate voter id card will be sent at residential address of the applicant.

Visit online website of Uttar Pradesh and check form in For Voters section followed by Forms, there you will find Form001 Application for Duplicate Elector’s Photo Identity Card. Download the form and fill the details offline.

You can choose M-seva to know your application status on mobile. Also to check your application status online go to and select district, form type and applicant number, results will appear as per status of voter id.


Details to be filled in 001 Form

Name of applicant with voter ID card number
Father’s/ husband’s / mother’s name
Age or Date of birth of the applicant
Present address with pin code

Many time applicant ask whether they can change address in UP Voter ID Card while registering for duplicate voter card. Doing this is not permissible. Applicant must priorly mention reason to change address in voter card and fill application form accordingly. Fee and supporting document required for address change in voter id is also slightly different then documents required for duplicate voter id.


In event of job change, home town change, marriages, shift of old home to new home, address change in voter list can be done. But prior application has to be submitted along with documents required for the same. However, the procedure can be done online. Forms to change address is available at e-portal of NSVP.

Download form to your computer and fill it with accurate details and submit to the e-portal with supporting documents and fee. In few days-time new voter id card with changed address details will be sent by the office to the applicant’s address.

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