Duplicate Electoral Photo Identity Card (EPIC) Guide

Duplicate Electoral Photo Identity CardApplication procedure of duplicate electoral photo identity card is fairly simple these days, because all you have to do is to file an FIR, and submit a duplicate id issuance form 002 with documents and copy of FIR at the nearest election commission office and you will be given a new ID card. However, having easy access to duplicate id after losing the original one has made people a bit more relaxed and they don’t seems to be bothered about losing it anymore, which should never be the case and you must ensure that your voter id is not lost because someone can use it for illegal things.

If your voter id card gets stolen or lost, you can apply for new one easily. The procedure is much more simplified by the election commission and in just a few weeks you will be delivered a new id card. if you are searching for a detailed procedure of applying for a duplicate electoral photo identity card, please follow the steps below to do it.


The first step in your endeavor to get a new ID card is to lodge a complaint and FIR for your lost voter ID card at the nearest police station. This step is mandatory by the election commission to ensure that the original card holder has lost it and if someone is found using it for illegal purpose, the original holder will not be held accountable. Upon successful lodging of FIR, you will be provided a copy of it which you have to attach with the application form of duplicate electoral photo identity card.


Visit your nearest election commission office and get the 002 form. Fill it up with your details and attach the FIR copy and other valid documents for identity proof with it. Now submit it to the booth level officer and get the application receipt for it. It will have a unique number known as ‘Application ID’ that can be used to track the status of your duplicate electoral photo identity card.

Doing all these aforementioned steps properly will ensure that you’ll get a duplicate voter id card in just a couple of weeks.

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