Download Voter ID Card Online

Download Voter ID Card Online

Both Lok Sabha and State Assembly elections in India are conducted after every 5 years. Since independence india has been a country where democratic rights for the people have been of utmost significance and right to vote is one of them. Every indian who is above 18 years of age is allowed to participate in voting. To cast vote you need to be a registered voter in election commission of India and for that you need to apply for registration of voter id.

India is a hub of information technology which has been a great help for the election commission to smoothen the process of registration for new voter id applicants across the country. Election commission is responsible for electoral process in the country and for that it has setup chief electoral officers in every state that takes care of Assembly elections, new registration, duplicate id issuance and other tasks.

Few years ago new voters had to go through the tedious process of manually submitting the form and documents by standing in long queues, but today the election commission has made it online. In just 10-15 minutes you can create your voter id online. It has been huge success for ECI not only in cities but in rural areas also, where they do not have district level offices or registration setups. Specially there has been a surge noticed in the number of young voters registering for their voter ids online. Large number of people participating in voting and also encouraging others to practice their right to vote.


With population over 1.2 billion, 29 states and 7 union territories it becomes very difficult for election commission to do the election process and functioning, therefore it has setup separate websites in each state. State websites are designed and developed to carter the residents of the state to make it easier to communicate.

Those who have newly enrolled for their voter ids, if you want to check the status of your application or want to have a print of your issued ID, you can simply download it online by following instructions provided below.

how to download your voter id cardTo download voter id card online, visit your state electoral officer website. If you don’t have your state website link, go to this page and select your state to visit the website. Or else you can also do it by visiting the main website of election commission.

Visit and there at the right hand side you can see “Search your name in Voters List” click on it and it will take you to this page: there you can select your state. In this guide we are assuming you are Rajasthan state resident, so we will click on Rajasthan.


Clicking on Rajasthan will take you to this page where you will get three options — Search your entry by ID Card No, Search your entry by Name and Search your entry by Area/Locality. Use the appropriate option and then you will be able to download your voter id is it is already issued. Please note that if you id is not yet issued or it is under processing, you will not be able to download it.

After entering your application id number you will see your voter slip if your id is issued by the state CEO. You can print it and use it as a proof to cast your vote in case you do not have the original voter id.


  1. I have no why idea why the download option for voter id cards is not working. I really want it tomorrow to submit my application. This is really unprofessional and slow service by election office people.

  2. I have lost voter card, also I am not having me for having duplicate votet I.d. card.

    Santosh tickoo

  3. How to download my Bihar voter id card online? I want to make a printout of it because i have lost my card. Is it possible or i will have to apply for new one?

  4. I applied so many times as hard copy and through online but no use. I nearly submitted my application 15+ times. It seems in indian electoral there is no proper work.

  5. Hello guys, the voter id download is not working for me either. I have tried several times but on election commission website nothing happens after i log in to my account. What is the issue behind it? Did anyone figure out?

  6. Sir my name is removed from voter list. I have been voting for so many years and it never happened by this time it is removed from voter list. This is very unprofessional and i would like my name added in the list.

  7. Dear Sir,
    My id card No is – S3R38531517 in Maharashtra, but it is not issued as yet. Please send copy to my email address i mentioned in application form.

  8. I contacted our local election office regarding the procedure of voter id card download online, but they had no clue whatsoever. Thank you for this detailed guide and keep up the great work guys!

  9. I have lost voter card, also I am not having the id number with me. Please guide me for having duplicate voter id card as soon as possible.

  10. Sir I need a voter card on my permanent address because on my current id card, my name is incorrectly printed. I am facing many several problems because of it. Please send me corrected id card on my permanent address.

  11. Sir I need a voter card on my permanent address because on my current id card, my name is incorrectly printed. I am facing many several problems because of it. Please send me corrected id card on my permanent address.

  12. I tried downloading on state election office website, but it does not work. Please send me my id card as soon as possible.

  13. Requesting you to please email me copy of my voter ID Card.
    PART -182
    SERIAL NO -1100
    VOTER ID – ZJK1750074

  14. my id card no is IMF1057653in andhra pradesh.i have not yet received id card. Please send my id at my address mentioned on it.

  15. My name is Gunnelal kol
    S/o shri panchua kol
    My Id no.NCIO164517
    Dublicate id card mere email address me send kre plz

  16. हमें मतदाता पहचान पत्र की सशक्त जरूरत है

  17. The website link of EC is not working for download of voter ids? This is unprofessional and pathetic to say the least.

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