How To Find “Part Number of Electoral Roll” and “Serial Number” in Voter ID Card?

For every Indian citizen possessing a valid Voter ID card is quite important. To apply for identity card in India acquiring adequate knowledge about the same is

Uttar Pradesh (UP) Voter ID Card Online Status & Registration

Uttar Pradesh is India’s most populated and fourth largest state that is located in northern region of India. Lucknow is the state capital and Kanpur, Meerut, Ghaziabad,

Rajasthan Voter ID Card Online Status Check & Application

Spread in over 342,239 square kilometers area, Rajasthan is India’s largest state in terms of land area it covers. Located at the north western border with Pakistan,

Jammu and Kashmir Voter ID Card Online

Jammu and Kashmir is located at the northern region of India. Geographically it is covered mostly with Himalayan mountains. At the south Jammu & Kashmir shares its

Assam Voter ID Card Online Application & Status Check

Located at the eastern side of the Himalayas, Assam is one of the northeast states that is known for tourism and silk production. The state is home

Andhra Pradesh Voter ID Card Online Registration & Status

When we talk about one of the most progressed states in India, Andhra Pradesh undoubtedly one of them. Geographically it is located on the southeastern coast of

Mizoram Voter ID Card Online Application

Mizoram is one of India’s smaller northeast states and the population is 1,091,014 which makes it 2nd least populous state in India. It is one of those

Madhya Pradesh Voter ID Card Online Registration

Wide expansion of Internet in recent past in India has proven to be a big relief specially in government offices and constitutional institutes such as election commission

Telangana Voter ID Card Online Application & Status

Telangana is the newest state that was formed last year. It was a long fought battle for residents of Telangana state and finally it was carved out

Sikkim Voter ID Card Online Application Form

Sikkim is a small eastern state in India with 32 legislative assembly constituencies. The current chief minister of Sikkim is Pawan Chamling from Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF)